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helping student-athletes navigate the sports recruiting process.


The recruiting process can be overwhelming and stressful when you don’t know where to start.

How I help:

  • Give Athletes Ownership of Their Journey

  • Understand the Recruiting Process

  • Relieve Family Stress

My oldest son recently completed the recruiting process and will attend and play lacrosse at Colby College starting in the fall of 2020. We learned so much from the process and I want to pass that knowledge along to other families.

I am a graduate of Middlesex School and Colby College where I played Soccer and Ice Hockey. I love sports and what they can do for young adults. If your child wants to continue their athletic journey, I want to help make that possible.

I meet with student-athletes in person in Winchester and Belmont, MA and via Skype.

After watching my son become increasingly frustrated creating a lacrosse highlight film, we turned to Alyssa for advice. We knew she had tons of experience with the high school athletic programs and an amazing talent behind the camera. Alyssa met with my son and within days had turned frustration into excitement for my athlete. They created an amazing highlight film, they discussed responding to college coaches and how to use social media platforms. They also discussed how to get organized for a very stressful and exciting junior year in the world of college athletic programs. Thank you Alyssa, you are amazing.!!!!!!
— Mom of Winchester & Clams Lacrosse Player

Highlight FilM

Film is really important to the recruiting process as it may likely be the first time a coach sees you play. You may have hours of club film or links to games from a tournament. I can help you breakdown these games and put together comprehensive film that includes everything a coach will need to learn more about you as a player and how to contact you and your current coach. And with your input, it can also be representative of your personality.

If you have film in HUDL and want a review, or opening or closing images, email me with the hudl link.

Click here to access the Highlight Film Form so I can learn more.

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